Daoro Jewelers has a 80-year history of craftsmanship, excellence and artistry, which we wish to share with you through our custom jewelry design services. We proudly employ a team of experienced and technically trained jewelers  and look forward to collaborating with you to bring your jewelry dreams to life.

The custom design process begins with your imagination. Perhaps you have seen a piece of jewelry in your travels that you wish to recreate, or you have something that has been sitting in your jewelry box for years that you wish to modify, or maybe you simply have a great eye for design.

Following a one-on-one consultation with our  jeweler, we will provide you with sketches of your unique jewelry design, which can then be modified to your specifications. Your design is then carefully executed, just as you dreamed!

Daoro Jewelers would be delighted to assist you in creating a truly special and distinctive piece of jewelry. 

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